Seagate Construction


Seagate Construction has an impeccable health and safety record and, with our written policy to which all employees are dedicated, Seagate is committed to Health and Safety. This policy is modeled under the frame work of the “Nova Scotia Health and Safety Act” and includes elements from this program such as rules and regulations, responsibility and accountability, inspection, investigation and safety training.

Our company shares the responsibility for maintaining a healthy and safe workplace with its employees by ensuring equipment and practices are in place which incorporate sound health and safety considerations and that employees are provided with appropriate training to perform their duties in a safe and healthy manner.

In addition, Seagate has a safety program review policy that monitors job procedures and safe work practices.

Seagate is committed to ensuring the protection of its employees and other persons at or near the workplace. We work to protect life, health and property by designing, building and operating its facilities with safety foremost in mind.

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For further statistical information visit the AWCBC National Work Injuries Statistics Program.